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Peter Adamik

Finckensteinallee 118

12205 Berlin

+49 172 3901431

The Berlin based  photographer Peter Adamik studied violin before he followed his passion for photography. Today the main part of his work is following the classical music-business. His professionell outcome includes also work for art agencies and corporate design. He is working regularly for the German Bar Association and several international law-firms.

Peter Adamik’s first professional commissions documented the music scene in West Berlin during the 1980s: Inga and Annette Humpe, Thomas Fehlmann, Rio Reiser, “Neue Deutsche Welle” stars such as Stephan Remmler, the Rainbirds, Katharina Franck. His portrait photographs were published as record covers by different labels and his music features by magazines such as Stern, Rolling Stone/Germany, Musikexpress and others, but also by the Berlin city magazines Zitty and TIP. He also portrayed Berlin fashion icons such as RIO and Claudia Skoda and Radical Chic as well as artists, authors, actors and – time and again – musicians

During the period when the Wall came down, he traveled to places exotic for Westerners at the time, such as Prague and Budapest, Cracow and Gdansk. Reporting took him to the brown coal mines of the Lausitz region, to Leipzig and Plauen, to those places where the revolution was really taking place. Via photo reportage, he expanded the Berliner Zeitung’s readership’s view towards the East. His editorials for Max, Stern, Gala, Bunte, Cinema, Allegra, Prinz, Das Magazin, Econy, as well as travel reports for the Berliner Zeitung and GEO Saison, round out his portfolio. 


During Sir Simon Rattle’s tenure at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Peter Adamik accompanied many of its productions in Berlin and abroad. He took pictures during the Berlin Philharmonic’s education projects, including for the motion picture “Rhythm is it“. Work for several productions with international artists and labels such as EMI, Sony Classical and Universal followed.

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